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How it works

Advertising your domains For Sale is a simple 4-step process:

1. Submit Payment & Application

Each listing requires a one-time fee of $10 USD. If for any reason we cannot accept your domain name for our market, your payment will be refunded.

2. Determine Pricing

Once your domain name has been approved, we will list & publish your domain. Ultimately, pricing is up to you, or make offer.

3. Populate & Publish

Finally, we will populate your listing and brief pitch statement.

4. Review & Accept Offers

Your listing will remain active until it sells. When a buyer purchases your name or makes an offer that you wish to accept, you will process the transaction.

What you get

We appreciate the branding power of a strong domain, as our domain name has been integral to our own success. With this in mind, our listing service is built for premium domains that will bring value to a start-up or product launch.

Exposure to Our Audience


You will manage all transactions.

What we accept

We accept strong domain names that are relevant and reflect well on the cannabis industry. We do not accept domains that are irrelevant, that paint the industry in a negative light, or that infringe upon existing trademarks.

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